Antique Mirror New York

Custom Mirrored Furniture

Mirror furniture is our specialty. Good quality and unbelievable price makes us the best choice for your mirror furniture.

Mirrored or Venetian furniture originates from Venice, Italy. However, this design of furniture did not remain exclusive to Italy for long. This kind of furniture becomes a part of every lifestyle in the world. Mirror furniture is beautiful, elegant but what makes it unique is it´s timelessness. It emphasize the light and space in your room.

The timeless nature of mirrored furniture makes it an investment of lifetime. They are stylish and elegant. However there are other benefits of this kind of furniture as listed below.
  • Simple design with elegance make mirrored furniture unique
  • Mirror furniture is easy to clean
  • This is a furniture for Long lasting beauty
  • Mirrored furniture enhance the light and space in your room
  • Cost effective