Antique Mirror New York

Tips For Using the Antique Mirrors

Antique mirrors will add special touch to the Victorian décor and you get it at giovani glass. Making use of lighting to create the illusion of space or add element of the warmth to your décor. Surface of the mirror is the reflective so by making use of right lighting in room you may create the beautiful illumination. Antique styling of mirror will help to create room atmosphere. The antique mirror glass actually is made by placing the metallic deposit on glass. The method is used since 16th century. From years it is common to find surface wearing. That is okay since it adds character. These are very expensive and people do keep it in their homes as a show piece, lots of people from all over the world are making use of it. It is one of the most popular way to make your home unique and liked by one and all at giovani glass.

Find the favorite art piece in room. Can be painting, sculpture, photograph, and other kind of the art. You can place the mirror on opposite wall that can reflect image & create the interesting room dynamic. There are so many people who love the good service we offer, we have got customers for life and we work very hard on providing quality service, this is a very important thing so you keep on coming back to us.
In order, to add depth in the room paint wall in deep dark burgundy and green, or other Victorian color. And take antique mirror or hang in directly at middle of wall. Add a little candle wall sconces & wow!
Suppose room is on dark side then you can hang the mirror near window. Natural light may reflect off mirror as well as make your room brighter.