Antique Mirror New York

Vintage mirror in modern interior

Antique mirror New York is well known manufacture of Antique mirror. We are working on it every day and our aim is to provide you with the high-quality service and great material. Antique mirror, also known as distressed, vintage, aged or just old mirror. The grand choice of finishes allows every customer to choose the one, the best for him.

         Vintage mirrors are the answer to a dim and drab entryway or the guest bathroom under the stairs. Collect various shapes and sizes of old mirrors to arrange on both walls of a foyer that is too shadowed to be welcoming. The glass will bounce light back and forth, enlivening the energy and upping the wattage in the space so it draws in visitors. Antique mirrors might be etched, beveled, beautifully framed or geometrically angled and curved to create an art gallery of glitter as you walk in the door.


     Lean an old pier glass against the wall in a bedroom or dressing room for an elegant atelier. A pier glass is a large mirror, designed to hang over a fireplace mantel. Vintage pier glass from a parlor floor or a grand, high-ceilinged room is tall enough for a head-to-toe view and is usually encased in an equally fabulous vintage frame.

A massive pier glass with provenance may be beyond your budget but a small mirror, or a wall of them, can be impressive, too.
Do not hesitate and give us a call. Our managers are always ready to provide you with the best options for affordable price.