Antique Mirror New York

Let Our Mirrors Expand Your Home

Mirrors are a very popular and common decoration in homes and offices around the world. They not only serve a function, but they also can expand the look and feel of a room. When a mirror in your home or office is broken or cracked, it's immediately noticeable and can become an eyesore. Getting your broken mirror replaced should be a priority, because the broken glass can also be dangerous. Allow our team at Antiqur Mirror New York to safely and professionally replace your mirrors for you.

Commercial & Industrial Mirrors

Using custom mirrors in your decorating is an excellent choice for visual appeal, functionality, and for livening up the energy of a room. Mirrors can provide artistic solutions to a bevy of challenges in interior design, especially in New York City.

Feeling cramped in your kitchen? Mirrors add and reflect light, create exciting visual lines, and they make spaces look bigger and more luxurious. Need a touch of something extra in the bedroom? Catch a glimpse of yourself from across the room be it in a vanity mirror, or a hanging wall or wardrobe mirror. Nothing makes a better focal point for a bathroom, of course, but don't settle for less than the best — make your bathroom your own with a specialty glass solution to add a personal touch.

If you're at a loss at how to spice up one of the rooms in your home, the joys of custom mirrors may be your solution! We offer a large selection of various styles and designs, and offer custom mirror installations or repairs right in your home.