Antique Mirror New York

What is Antique Glass?

For thousands of years, glass has been being used in houses and architecture, slowly being perfected. So with some glass being thousands of years old, what exactly makes glass an antique? In most cases, antique glass is over a hundred years old and can be traced by the marks left by the person who made it. Where antiques are often extremely well preserved, they still bear marks of age as well. Antiques are highly coveted for their longevity, and their distinct aged look, which shows just how long glass can survive and be usable. Good customer service is always sure from  BKNY Glass and you can buy it from us here in New York. In the whole city there is nothing better and this is a very good option from where you should be looking to buy.

The individual aged look of antiques actually possible to achieve without years of use and wear. This can be done through silvering the glass, which can turn even a new mirror into a historic looking piece in a variety of patterns, colors and shapes without the price of a valuable and often more fragile antique.

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