Antique Mirror New York

Antique Mirror – Decorate your home

Antique Mirrors are the decorative silvered glass mainly used for the interiors.
This way of making the glass comprises of varying regularity of the metallic deposits. Besides the decorative effect, antique mirror creates the gentle and the softened reflection that contributes very pleasantly to the interior light levels.
The Antique Mirrors with the exotic colors as well as patterns are accessible in the sizes over 48”X94” as well as come in the finishes from the traditional distress antique and burst of some colorful 3D effects.
You can use this for: framed mirror inserts, walls, back splashes, furniture, bathrooms, and anything you may imagine.
Now, we can see the reflection of own in the present time. mirror no longer actually retains whimsical or magical reflection, which was created once in the ancient time. 

But, looking in the antique mirror retains image of past, and filtered by time and giving the reflection that will make you wonder about mysteries the mirror holds. The antique mirror generally takes away perfection that the modern mirrors have made. Goal was been achieved by experimenting it with the oxidation and use of the black background, which gives off warmth as well as past memories while reflected.

Types of the Antique Mirror Finishes:

  • Venetian Antique Mirror
  • Pink Antique Mirror
  • Light Antique Mirror
  • Light Cloudy Mirror
  • Gold Vein Mirror
  • Heavy Antique Mirror
  • Blue Antique
  • Gold Dot Mirror
  • Gold Antique Mirror
  • Heavy Cloudy Mirror

The influence of Renaissance art & culture is seen in intricate designs of artistry of antique mirrors. The baroque mirror is one kind of the antique mirror that is normally heavy & has carvings. This has the rich look as well as gives the royal feel in your room. One kind of the antique mirror is the Rococo that has the heavy carvings and are floral in the design.