Antique Mirror New York

Understated role of the mirrors in the interior design

The mirror will make room look much bigger, brighter as well as interesting. 

Even though they are the smple choice, the mirrors are not always simple choice.
  Right mirror will contribute the functionality and the style in your home. The mirrors come in many forms, and each one of them satisfying the different purpose. 

You will have to consider size of space that you have available or what can meet to your needs

  • Small and swing arm mirrors give great option for the finer and detailed tasks, such as applying the makeup. While not in the use, tuck this away.
  • The wall mirrors & mirror panels need plenty of space and bring more of light and illusion of space to the halls, bathrooms and dining areas.
  • The standing mirror is the statement piece with the detailed design & brings dash of panache in your bedroom.
  • Mirrored panels on the wardrobe doors also allow you check the outfit when you dress.

 Choose type of the mirror glass for purpose: 

  • Antiqued – as name indicates, mirror is treated, and “antiqued”, to give this the aged & distressed appearance 
  • silvered –commonly used mirror at homes
  • plastic –The plastic coated the reflective surfaces one best option for the safety
  • metal – It is made from highly polished surface, “mirrors’ cannot shatter
  • concave – It is preferred for the hand and the swing arm mirrors, glass is curved inward or enlarges the reflection

Size your options
Suppose you wish to make room seen bigger, and add some dramatic flair to foyer, then bigger is better. Consider floor to ceiling type of mirror or wall to wall type of mirror panel for the maximum impact. The standing mirrors or cheval mirrors are the large options that are suitable for bedroom and they give you head to toe sight for dressing up to the perfection.