Antique Mirror New York

Types of Mirror

Mirror definitely can become the best friend in case kept at a right position or place. Have you noticed on how many kinds of the mirrors are accessible in market? From time of kings, mirrors are the integral part of home interiors. Right from the bedrooms, halls and staircases in the royal palaces to rooms or corridors in the apartments, the mirrors have put the touch of magic in our home interiors. The mirror has been associated with the good luck & health. You must know where you need to place your mirror since it affects the life as per Vastu & Feng Shui. However both differ in the opinion with respect to the mirrors.

 Different kinds of the materials are been used to make the different kinds of the mirrors. In early days, mainly silver was been used to make the mirror but now glass is highly widely used material. Mirror thickness normally varies from 3 mm - 6 mm. Let’s find more about different kinds of the mirrors that you may buy for house.
Wall Mirrors

The wall mirrors are normally large in the size as well as comes in great variety. This is hung and wall mounted as per weight & size of mirror. You may buy the wall mirrors with the frames and without frames. When buying the frameless mirrors, don’t forget to check out quality of the mirror clips and brackets all along with it. It’s very important to know more about this as the brackets hold mirror against wall. Therefore you may give new look in your hallway and large wall just by putting large wall mirror in it.