Antique Mirror New York

Antique mirror the best decoration for your dining room

Do you ever collect things you love and find you have no where to put them when you get them home? Yet you keep buying them because you’re sure to find a spot for it! Such is the case with me and vintage mirrors.  I especially love crusty old mirrors that have lost some of their silver because in my opinion, they have more character. In order to hang some of the ones that I have laying around, I decided to add to the vintage mirror collection in my dining room.

Most of the vintage mirrors were already on this wall above the buffet, but I removed a wire shelf and added a couple more. The long mirror at the bottom is simply propped up against the wall. Do you remember what the wall used to look like?
You can see the wire shelf in this photo. Although I like the shelf, it always looked messy to me. I felt like there was too much going on and decided to move it into the bathroom to hold towels.

I had 2 small rectangular mirrors that fit the space perfectly, which is good because otherwise I would’ve had to move all the other mirrors to get the arrangement to look just right.
Mirrors have been used in interior design for centuries.
They are a unique blend of furniture and wall art, dominated by negative space that’s framed by the aesthetic centerpiece. A major bonus of using mirrors to decorate your home is their ability to make a room look so much larger, making them the perfect design element for small spaces.
Mirrors make spaces look bigger and turn a room’s reflection into a work of art.
Mirrors weren’t seen in interior decorating until the late 17th century. Mirror frames of this era were crafted from walnut or olive wood, ivory, tortoiseshell, or silver, and often adorned with beads and needlework. Frames were elaborately carved to match other pieces of furniture and were often hung above a mantel. Round mirrors didn’t appear until the late 18th century, and the frames of this era were often decoratively painted.

Antique, retro, and contemporary design come together in this updated Victorian. Placing mirrors near a window makes rooms lighter and brighter with the illusion of additional windows.
While many mirrors found in the home today are parts of matching bedroom sets, both vintage and modern mirrors can become the perfect piece of art for any room in your home. You can purchase new mirrors from a number of different places ranging from furniture stores to interior boutiques and online vendors. Used, antique, or vintage mirrors can be even more fun to find and may inspire some creative design ideas, so keep your eyes out for unique finds.
If you have a mirror decorating or design idea of your own to share, you can do so in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Highlighted here are some of my current favorite mirror inspirations for interior spaces.