Antique Mirror New York

Antique Mirror

Our Custom Made Antique Mirror is one of our highest selling products, and for good reason. The incorporation of colors in mirror add another depth and dimension, and make the reflective surface more interesting. Antique mirror helps to accent styles and bring out colors that otherwise would be lost in a room, and help bring new life and character to old furniture. We’ve installed antique mirror in some pretty interesting places, and we encourage you to think of where it can go in your home!

Antique Mirror in Furniture

Wood furniture is beautiful, but as it ages and as kids play and grow up and certain “accidents” occur, they can become quite scratched and damaged – not to mention sun damage from windows or sliders that aren’t our hurricane impact glass that block up to 99% of UV rays. No need to throw them out though, antique mirror is a great addition to old furniture and covers up any damage that may be there better than clear, and even smoked glass. Old scratched wood coffee tables and dressers can be revived surpassing their past glory days, and antique mirror looks stunning in cabinet doors as an alternative to decorative or clear glass. You can spruce up that old entertainment center by adding in some antique mirror panels, or use it as a table top insert.