Antique Mirror New York


Antique mirror is able to surprise and to decorate. At the same time, it provides high-quality and clear reflection. Probably everyone who looks at our proposed antiques for mirrors will see something unique in each pattern. Such a mirror is reminiscent of postmodern painting: the drawing is abstract but very beautiful.

Some of the presented options can be compared with precious stones. For example, a gold vein antique resembles marble. Such a mirror will look very luxurious. And the opportunity to see oneself reflected in the “marble” will delight almost any guest.

Gold Vein Antique

Our collection also presents several types of antique mirror coatings with a golden hue. Gold has always been associated with wealth and luxury. Moreover, this precious metal is so much like hot sunshine. Such an antique mirror will not only decorate the room but also fill it with a pleasant golden light.

A pink antique mirror would be a gentle addition to a cozy bedroom or even a children's room. At the same time, it would look elegant in the interior of commercial premises.

Pink Antique Mirror

Whatever your choice, the antique mirror will become a real decoration of any room, while making the interior unique and inimitable.