Antique Mirror New York

Decorate Your Closet From the Inside

Glass and mirrors are very often used in the manufacture of cabinets. The reason is that it is very beautiful and comfortable. Glass doors of any cupboard allow you to see the objects inside. The reflective surface acts as a mirror while protecting the surface of the cabinet. Coatings of colored glass and mirrors can create a unique appearance of your furniture and the house in general.

There are various ways of combining glass and mirrors in the same interior. These materials can also be combined in one cabinet or cupboard. Cabinets with transparent doors and a mirrored back wall look very nice. Ideally, the shelves of such a cabinet should also be of glass. Glass cupboard is perfect for storing glassware. It will emphasize the transparency and brilliance of glass goblets and make them look sophisticated.
The mirrored back wall is often used for the manufacture of display cabinets. The mirror harmonizes with the glass walls and shelves of such a cabinet. Together they create a sense of crystal clarity and transparency. The objects located on the glass shelves of the display cabinet are reflected in the mirror and are visible from all the sides.

If you want to add even more brilliance and beauty to your closet, it is enough to highlight it. A composition of mirrors and glass will beautifully break the light, creating rays and glare.