Antique Mirror New York

Antique Style Interior

Antique art is always beautiful. It was a period of creating masterpieces that remained valuable throughout all the subsequent centuries. Perhaps for the same reason, the antique style remains fashionable in the design of the room to this day. Making an antique design, people create a sense of that epoch.
While listing the main features of the antique style, it is worth mentioning the large spacious rooms and tall windows. In this way, a feeling of luxury, wealth and spaciousness is achieved. The presence of various arches and columns is one more important feature of this design. It is desirable to choose natural materials. However, in order to save some money, people often use cheaper artificial materials. For example, the columns can be made not of marble, but of drywall.

Wonderful amphorae, figurines or frescoes can be a great addition to the interior in antique style. It is very important that they are harmoniously combined and not be superfluous. In this style, there are mainly golden, yellow, blue, green, red and black colors. Ivory will also look great.

A beautiful mirror in an antique frame will harmoniously complement the interior. It can also visually expand the space and add light. For such an interior, you can choose a mirror with an ordinary surface or an aged mirror. Antique mirror and glass can also be used in furniture and wall decoration.