Antique Mirror New York

Mirror with the Mirrored Frame

When choosing a mirror in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, office or any other premises, we base on the characteristics we need. You can include in this list the size and shape of the mirror, its color, and texture, as well as framing. All these parameters depend on the purpose of the mirror and the design of the room in general.

Today the mirror can have the most bizarre shape, depending on the wishes of the client. The size is also not limited (from small mirror inserts to mirrored walls). Apart from the usual neutral mirror, you can choose a color, antique, gradient, glossy or matte mirrors.

Framing for the mirror is another important subject. The frame should fit harmoniously into the overall interior of the house. For example, if the design of the room is made in the antique style, then a large frame with volumetric tracery made of bronze, marble and similar materials will look good.

The frame for the mirror can be made of metal, wood or even glass and mirror. It may be of any color or shape or be absent at all. In some cases, the frame looks superfluous or cumbersome. Sometimes it is difficult to choose a suitable color, and there is a desire to choose something more neutral. The frame made of mirror or glass meets these requirements.

The mirrored frame visually widens the edges of the mirror.  It simultaneously performs the function of a beautiful frame and a mirror. It may be a sheet of a mirror of the same texture, which is in a different plane relative to the plane of the mirror. Such a frame can also be highlighted in color or texture.